creating a space called home

"time to create" said her heart

"it's about time!' replied her soul.

And so she did.

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      I might be a gypsy spirit but wherever I stay I have always had a yearning to create a home.  A home is more than just 'things' - it is a place of energy, a place where you find your peace, a place that reflects what you love and who you are.   Whether it is small or large, grand or normal, a room or a whole house, old or new, rental or yours -  we all have the power within to trust our instinct and go with the flow to create a space that brings us peace.  

 The Losari journey actually started with my yearning to design a life I loved and with that came creating a home I loved.  Every day I meet people who have a dream in them, a vision, an image of a space or home or life they want to create.  And when our Losari treasures resonate with that vision - it is a shared excitement.  

So let us all carry on with this business of designing a life we love!  In doing so, that space called 'home' will truly be the place where your heart can rest. 

With love





   Inspo image courtesy of Pinterest.  All other images at the Home of Losari, with @gypsylovinlight