the whisper of bohemian glamour | how to style a shell chandelier

Today is a smooth white seashell, 

hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours.

Author unknown


 It was love at first sight.   As soon as I stumbled upon the shell chandelier I was drawn to the delicate simplicity of its white, draped, tiny cowrie shells strung by hand in so many beautiful formations.   

They whisper bohemian glamour and gypsy wanderlust.  

They bring a gentle texture of white on white with a soft sway in the breeze.  

They say 'beach' without being too 'beachy' and are as comfortable in an industrial interior as they are in a beach shack, as beautiful hanging from the branches of a tree & deck as they are adorning the inside home (dining room, lounge, above a bath tub, at your bedside....)

Add wiring (always best with a dimmer) and voila - a light show of lacy shadows to adorn your room.

These are just a few of my favourite things about the shell chandelier...
Reminiscent of the 1970's - the cowrie shell chandelier is having its day again.  So what is it about these beauties that draws you to them? 

 Is it the whisper of bohemian glamor? The memory of summer and places afar? 

Is it the visual pleasure of bringing these sculpture-like pieces into your home?  

The way they dance in the breeze?  How they are equally as gorgeous in the home as they are outside hanging from trees or on your verandah?  How they bring the outside in?

Here's some Losari wisdom to help you create a magical space with cowrie shell chandeliers:





Inside or outside?

Beautiful inside and outside!  They weather well outside. Who can resist creating that holiday feel by hanging them along the verandah or deck, from trees, over a day bed?  Use a chain or strong fishing line to hang from a ceiling hook or nail.

Find the perfect space...

Create an instant soul moment by hanging your shell pendant over the dining table, above a coffee table, above your bath tub, as bedside pendants.  Also gorgeous down a hallway.

To wire or not to wire?

These beauties look amazing wired.  Even better on a dimmer.  Use a big round low wattage globe.  Enjoy the ambiance and the dance of shadows!

Go it alone or bunch them together...

The bigger pendants favour being the star of the show.  For smaller pendants try mixing it up with three different styles or same styles bunched together at different heights. A feast for the eyes! 


With love and gratitude, 




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