simplify, then add lightness...



Home of Losari.  White spiral cowrie shell pendants hang the length of the wrap around veranda.

Home of Losari, one of the many birthday celebrations under the glow of the Capiz Shell Pendant.


It's all about white.  White light, white walls, white window coverings...layer upon layer with natural textures and an occasional pop of pastel.  I'm dying to paint the floorboards white but will need to do so stealth like so as to avoid the stares and accusations of die hard jarrah lovers...

My kids think I'm crazy.  'Mum - WHY does everything have to be WHITE!' 'What's your favourite colour Mum? Oh hang on - we KNOW it's white!' And so it goes on...

But still I stick to my guns.  I suppose its about creating peace and harmony in an otherwise crazy world.  When I walk into a home I want to feel wrapped up, warm, calmed and lulled into a temporary pause.  I want my home to whisper holiday and adventure.   I want my home to entice me with a soothing murmur to kick off my shoes and sip on a gin and tonic. 

I don't mind the mess of the kids so much anymore because my home has to also feel lived in.  A place to create new memories and rekindle old memories.  Like my dining room.  I've been entrusted with the old family dining table by my parents.  Its an old wooden table with loads of character - dings, paint, scratches, all sentiment to overenthusiastic artists and a few too many parties.  I've put industrial wheels on her to give her a bit of cool,  which has turned out to be really useful too.  This table has been privy to so many stories.  Tears, laughter, endless drinking and spilling of red wine, arguments, celebrations, reunions, last goodbyes.  We sit at this table night after night, under the glow of a beautiful Capiz Shell Pendant.  And by day, this same pendant chimes in the breeze with all of the doors and windows open.  It's art, sculpture, function and pure beauty all in one.   A beautiful space for the living of one's life.  That's the kind of home I love. 

With love 

Kirsty x

 Images: Home of Losari and courtesy of Pinterest.