the journey is my home

How do I put into words that feeling of coming home?  It's a bit like trying to capture the essence of a sea breeze in a bottle...
It's that feeling of being somewhere yet yearning for someplace else and starting to make the journey 'there'.  And wanting to shout from the top of the mountain:  I'm coming home!  Life never tasted so good as when I'm home where I want to be, with you, the feather light touch of a loved one, doing the things that make me happy, the laugh till you cry joy of shared memories and stories of the journey so far.
Home is a place that resonates with one's soul.   Many of us already get that coming home is not so much about the place,  rather it is that feeling of coming home to one's self.  That special place of being deep in our heart where we feel flow, acceptance and totally at peace with who we are and where we have been. Coming home to one's self is really about being present, trusting in the now, living in the moment.  
There is no greater truth to the words: the journey is my home.
Our Coming Home campaign was born from this sentiment. I - the Gyspy spirit, traveller, creative - have never found it easy to be anywhere for too long (thanks Mum and Dad for seven schools, three states, two countries...!!).  Every day is a lesson in the artfulness of present moment living.  Losari is a journey of coming home.  Living authentically, taking great leaps of faith, taking great risks.  Knowing where we are heading (the beautiful vision of the next thing) and taking step by step, breath by breath in getting there.  Some days the journey is tough, other days it flows and I can see the horizon.  Never have I felt more at home doing what I am doing now.  
So yes, I am home.
These gorgeous images capture all of this and more.  Such a beautiful story and landscape to showcase our luxurious linens, deliciously soft cottons, textured feather art....all of which embody the softness of home.  A place of comfort, to make the big journey that little bit easier.  
Come, take a moment, rest.  Surround yourself in beauty on this journey and melt into in the comfort of home.
Be easy.  Take your time.  You are coming home to yourself (Nayyarah Waheed).
With love


Photographer:  Ryan Murphy @ryanismurphy
Muse: Kyra @aryk_
Styling: Losari @losarihomeandwoman and Anastasia @anastasia_loves
Location:  after the rain, early morning, moonscape of Lancelin Western Australia.  Breathtaking.  
Losari treasures front top image:
White Light Crochet Throw (top two images) 
Bungalow Crochet Throw
Queen of the Tribe decorative crown
Charvi Cushion, Belle Maison Cushion, Serenity Throw, White Light Crochet Throw
Serenity Throw in Windchime Grey
Ashanti Plume
Scandi Baskets