the story of a soul dreamer

Have you ever wondered where your soul might take you,  if your soul had the wings of an eagle and could soar under the dance of moon light or glimmer of sunshine?
Close your eyes...take a deep breath...and listen. Listen to the whisper of your soul, that little voice from within that paints its clues in pictures, on the scent of the breeze through to the beating of your heart.
We wish for you to create a soul moment in every moment.

May your dreams be those that enrich you and others around you.
Be safe in knowing that you are on the right path though full of adversity it may seem.
Rejoice in the season of summer.
Be playful, whimsical, celebrate, take your time and indulge in all that makes your heart sing. Surround yourself with the softness of touch, the feather light touch of loved ones, the cool of the breeze and
melody of sunrise.
Let us take you on the journey of a Soul Dreamer xxx



About our Soul Dreamer story....

When we create a collection, we look deep into what's going on around us, connecting with the people we know and love, listening to the stories of their journey and from there create treasures that resonate with all of us.  This season was all about softness.  It's about being kind to one's self and wrapping you up in gentle colours,  deliciously soft yarns and the lightest touch of feather.

Our colours are light, our touch is soft and everything is designed for your soul to soar.  Everything has been made by people we have connected with and trust them to pour love into our treasures.  From us, to you.

This summer change is in the air at Losari....I am taking a big leap of faith moving my family from our beautiful home and Losari studio to my home-town of Brisbane.  It started with a yearning for the tropical green, afternoon storms and a longing for sharing time and life with old friends.  I listened to my soul, dreamt a lot about it and now it is upon us.  Its scary, probably crazy (!) but I am trusting the process and have a feeling deep down that all will be well, all will be for the best.  

I wish you the sweetest of soul dreams this Spring and Summer.  

With love




The Soul Dreamer Shoot

Losari studio, morning light.

Mullaloo Beach Western Australia (my childhood beach)

Model:  Bridget @bee_flint (Vivien's Model Management)

Photographer: Ryan Murphy @ryanismurphy - our friend, our visionary

Styling:  me (Kirsty) and Leanne (Losari QLD and SA)