DIY Boho Beach Picnic...

That moment when you're on the beach, nestled in losari luxe, good friend beside you and the sky turns on the pinkest, most gorgeous sunset your eyes ever did see.
Soul moment.  
Our designs are inspired by this very moment.  There was a collective gasp of awe to see our Meraki designs in the very environment that inspired them.   A match made in heaven.
Wherever I go I love to create ambiance.  It's my thing.  I burn Nag Champa all day every day, create little vignettes of soulful spaces, light candles and create losari nooks with layer upon layer of our soft, textured luxe. 
 A soul moment in every moment is exactly what I want for you (which is why I do what I do).  Here's a little how-to for your very own boho luxe beach picnic with our Losari designs.  
With love
Kirsty xx

Setting:  Belongil Beach, Byron Bay.  Sunset.

Who:  Kirsty (Owner & Designer of Losari) & Leanne (Wholesale Sales for Losari & co-designer).  We had just spent a couple of amazing days in Byron (we celebrated the opening of @thedesigntwins in Byron) and after a long sun drenched day of swimming & chilling, it was all about creating some Meraki beach magic.  

Two special ladies joined us behind the scenes; Carin @caringarlandphoto captured the moment and Cushla @alfrescopopups assisted with our styling. 

The vibe:  Whimsical, boho, chill out, softness, feminine.  

The occasion:  a feast for the eyes and soul.

Step 1:  Create your first layer
Start with the base, soft & beautiful.   We used our Ananda, Satva & Talua throws.  How beautiful does our Ananda sheet blend with the sand?  It's shibori print reminds me of the ripples on the sand...

Step 2:  Add your losari cushions (the more the better!)
We used our Darsana, Prana, Satva & Ananda cushions.  The ultimate den of softness and texture.  We design our cushions with visions of you lounging and mooching on them.  Throw them down randomly, create your den of softness.

Step 3:  A feast fit for a Queen
It's all about the food, right?  Style up a feast platter fit for a Queen.  Always candles & a bit of whimsical lavender.  A feast for the eyes.  We balanced our platter on old losari Scandi Baskets (from a long time ago!).   

Step 4: Adorn yourself in Losari
I'm wearing our Elixir Lace Maxi as a Duster over our Twilight Halter Jumpsuit.  Leanne is adorned in our embroidered divine Santorini Kaftan.