Our Story: The Sky is Mine

We listened to that little voice within, that one that begins as a quite whisper until it gets louder and louder for want of being heard.  It was time.  Time to make the big brave leap into waters unknown and create our very own Losari Woman.  We are still home, but what is a home without woman?

And so, The Sky is Mine was born.  

This is a story about us and quite possibly about you.  It's a story of unbridled passion and optimism.  Where there is a sense of endless possibility.  That time in life where you dare to fly, to take the risk and create a shift in your life that will bring you joy.
The Sky is Mine is a story told by a woman who is connected within, connected with all that surrounds her.  She hears that change is upon her, sees what her heart yearns to create and then flaps those big brave wings and flies.

And who better to capture this story than our Dream Team: Wade Edwards (photographer extraordinaire), Marisa Sidoti (kindred spirit & stylist in demand), Emma Chen (gorgeous hair & makeup) & model Steph Rayner (we fell in love with Steph for her natural beauty, womanly curves & beautiful energy).

We headed to Broken Head, Byron Bay at the break of dawn.  This place is magical.  It was the first time we had seen our beautiful designs come to life and it was incredibly exciting!  It was here at Broken Head when we realised that indeed the brave leap had been worth it.  
Here are some behind the scenes moments...

With love, 

Photographer:  Wade Edwards @wade_edwards
Model: Steph Rayner (Viviens Models) @stephjrayner
Stylist: Marisa Sidoti @marisasidoti
Hair & Makeup: Emma Chen @emmachenartistry