The Making of a Losari Woman

The Losari journey has long been the story of home + woman.  Losari is by nature a label that espouses the feminine, the softness of touch, the softness of textures, the softness of whites and neutrals.  It is about coming home and melting into a soul moment.
Our Losari Woman is one who bravely steps forward into the unknown, creating as she goes a life that is close to that of her dreams.  She follows the whisper of the breeze and the calling of her angels.  
She likes to melt into her clothes, nothing too heavy, nothing too bright.  She surrounds herself with clothes that flow in the wind & delicately touch her skin.  That make her desire and feel desired.
Our Losari Woman is feminine.  She is strong.  She is not afraid to move in her own direction, to dance her own dance.
Our Losari Woman is boheme. 
Losari Woman is coming soon.
With love

The Faces of Losari

Soul Dreamer

Coming Home

Lightness of Being

Photographer: Ryan Murphy @ryanismurphy

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Jul 28, 2016

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