noun (lo-sar-ee) 1. ‘spirit of the earth’ (Old Indonesian Javanese)

Losari embodies a sense of lightness, floating and calm.

Losari was born from an intuitive desire to make beautiful things. A kind of beautiful that whispers ‘stop the world and take a deep breath’. Losari’s signature white on white, delicate pastels and natural textures calm the wildest of storms.

At Losari we are believers of soul moments. It’s a soul moment when you are audience to the gentle dance of the pastel sunrise or sunset. When you are mesmerised by the warmth of the sun on your skin and the sound of waves rolling onto the white sandy beach at your feet. When you sit on your deck lulled by the sound of bird song, wind rustling through the trees. The feather light touch of a loved one.

Losari brings you collections of treasures for the Home and Woman, inspired by the luxurious bohemian world.  We design all of our treasures - all designed with love for you to create more soul moments in your life. And to remind you of the big, beautiful, eclectic world that is ours.

In a little, beautiful white studio surrounded by a luscious garden, Kirsty manifested the Losari story. It started with the name. From there came a sense of bringing together a collection of treasures for the home that resonated with the very essence of Losari, that being: spirit of the earth.

The Losari journey is an expression of love and devotion. For Kirsty, it started as a conscious decision to live authentically and make the brave move to create a life and work that unite as one, built on a foundation of creativity and connectivity.

Kirsty is an artist, a business woman, an urban-hippy, a gypsy spirit and lover of all things white, beautiful, beachy and bohemian. Every treasure is a reflection of simple, textured beauty in a pallet of white and neutrals.